Bonsai Wire Cutters

Bonsai Wire Cutters

As mentioned in this post, Bonsai wire is an essential part of the Bonsai-fication process. Learning to wire correctly is an important part of creating the tree that you want. Cutting the wire will be needed at some stage for two reasons: cutting the wire from the long piece that you buy it in, as well as cutting it off the tree once the wire has done the work that it needs to do.

Beginners might be content with just a pair of pliers for cutting the wire from the piece that it comes in. This is OK as you aren’t going anywhere near the tree (I hope). However cutting it from the tree is a vastly different affair.

Cutting it off the tree can be a bit of a mission because the wire will have become very close to the tree… very intwined. It’s quite different to when you put it on. You might be happy if you can just unravel the wire off the tree… however this is a mistake that you will not want to make. Doing so carelessly can take off branches and damage your tree in ways that you never wanted to.

A specialist pair of Bonsai wire cutters therefore is an important part of your essential Bonsai toolkit. If you don’t want to buy a specialist set, any cutters that have the blades very close to the end are good… you want a lot of control when you are taking the wire off your Bonsai tree. As I said, you have to be ultra-careful in what you do.

Bonsai wire cutters come in different models and designs as I’m sure you would expect. There are two options on Amazon that I recommend. There is a cheaper (<$20) option that will do the job, or for the more serious investor, this pair of stainless steel cutters will be a better option (>$45). Take a look.

You can probably get some cutters down at your local hardware store if you’re ambitious and know what you’re after. Here’s a hint: take a look at those cutters on Amazon to see the shape and design, and you can go from there.

What to look for: Look at the quality of the construction. What metals are the cutters made of? Most importantly, look at how close the cutting parts come to the end of the cutters… this is important as you need that extra cutting power. Look at how long the pair are (and how short the cutting parts are) as this will influence how much power you can put through them (this is extremely important).

One thing that I do suggest that you do is to only use your cutters for Bonsai work. If you use them for any cutting that you need to do (other then Bonsai work) you will find that the blades go blunt and this will lead to problems when you go to cut your Bonsai wire. Best to have your essential Bonsai toolkit separate from the rest of your tools.

So there, a set of Bonsai wire cutters is a good purchase. You can probably put it off for a bit if you’re just about to wire your tree since you will find that it will be a while before you need to take it off. All Bonsai Masters will have a set of Bonsai wire cutters.

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