Striking the Right Bonsai Balance

Striking the Right Bonsai Balance

OK, this I would say is a bit more of a general tips posting then the more specific posts that I have been doing in the past.

What would you say as striking the right balance between pruning your Bonsai and letting it do its own thing? Well of course you need to get this balance right. You can either let your tree just do what it wants to do and it will end up a twisted and wild thing which looks nothing like the tamed plants that the successful Bonsai masters can create.

Either that or you end up pruning and shaping your Bonsai tree so much that it ends up having to fight you every step of the way.

Striking this balance is a bit of an art, and it begins with what tree you buy. You need to know what type of tree you are getting. Research it as much as possible. This page on Bonsai How To might be of assistance. If your tree naturally grows up into the air (nice and proud) you shouldn’t be forcing it to grow into a windswept style or a cascade.

If however you are trying to grow an informal upright tree when it wants to be an informal they you have to let it do just that.

You shouldn’t prune every single leaf that your tree grows. A few is fine, but if it finds that all of the effort that it puts into growing leaves ends up with you cutting it off, your tree will be less responsive to what you do with it later into your Bonsai career.

As for wiring, you need to let the tree heal completely before you remove it from your tree. This will ensure that your tree doesn’t collapse when you remove the wire from it. Your tree is actually breaking when you apply wire to it so therefore you need to let it heal… I mean you really do!

If you find that your tree is looking a bit sick, then you will want to leave it for a while. Inspect it for bugs and any disease that it might have. Check how much water you are giving it – too much perhaps? Does it need a repot? When was the last time that you did that?

The point that I am trying to get across here is that you need to work with your tree. If you treat your tree with the respect that it deserves then it will most certainly give you many years of happy service. It’s doing you a favor here by growing in a pot – so just don’t think that every part of the tree needs work. It’s a partnership and while that might sound odd, most Bonsai experts will tell you exactly that.

Bonsai How To

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